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3 More Secrets to Business Success from a Hamilton Tow Truck Driver!

Welcome back and I hope your week has been productive! If your week wasn’t productive and you don’t feel guilty for that then you’re in the wrong place. Here at Anti Fatigue Mats and More we discuss how to get going again when your body wants you to nap and more specifically tips for creating a successful business in Canada.

A dear friend of mine from Hamilton, Ontario has reached out. We knew each other long before I was a blogger and after he saw my work here he wanted to give me 3 amazing tips I haven’t mentioned yet. Some people may find his advice more useful than others because for the longest time this kind man struggled with lack of motivation and had many ups and downs in his early life. It wasn’t until his late 30s that he really learned enough about himself to know how to control his lack of motivation spikes. It turned out he wasn’t doing the right things. So here are his 3 tips for staying in the game when a part of your mind is making up excuses to waste time!

tips from a hamilton ON tow truck driver
Tips from a Hamilton towing company owner!

Tip #1: Leave Off Wanting!

This rule applies for things you do for pleasure as well as things you do for work. What does “leave off wanting” mean? It means you should stop doing something when you still feel like doing it more. Why would you want to do this? You want to do that because when it’s time to get back to work the next day or hours later you’ll be eager to do it! And when you want to get back to pleasure it’ll be way more pleasurable. For most of his twenties, my friend suffered with over doing things. He would love to drink and watch hockey highlights on weekends, but he over did it. He wouldn’t stop until he did it so much that it was no longer fun. He read somewhere that leaving off wanting is wise, and so he tried it, but it took a lot of willpower at first. So he tried to apply it to work and amazingly found that, as we’d expect, it’s a lot easier to stop working even when you want to keep working. It’s a little harder with pleasure. of course, he enjoys towing in Hamilton but it’s not anything near as fun as playing ping pong with the boys or reading Stephen King novels at the lake while catching and cooking fish. But just like pleasure he would usually work late into the day long after he no longer felt like it and so after ending his days a little earlier he found that he was much more excited to get back to work the next day.

If you suffer from lack of motivation this strategy might help. Whether it’s pleasure or work or a mix of the two, stop while you still feel like doing it more and you’ll find that over the course of a month you’ll actually get more hours in total because everyday you can’t wait to get back at it!

Tip #2: Pray to the Gods!

I’m sorry if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian or are part of any monotheist religion… this tip is mainly for people who don’t usually pray to God or gods. I personally am Christian and pray to God everyday because I know for a fact it has blessed my life in countless ways, but I also respect people who never pray. Sometimes people who never pray are the most successful people we know. When we say “pray to the gods” we’re talking mainly about the ancient Greek gods like Zeus and Athena or the medieval Norse gods Odin and Thor. We’re not asking you to do this for any spiritual benefit, but just to throw in a bit of humor in your day when you need it most. Actually, most people curse when they need humor. How often do you hear tow truck drivers say the F word when something goes wrong or a kid playing hockey do the same? Instead of swearing, which only makes the situation worse because you’re putting negativity into the world, saying something like “Oh, dear Odin help me” or “Athena patron goddess of Athens come to my aid” is a lot more positive and, in a cool way, funny. I’ve been doing this for the last few days and I must say it makes powering through difficult tasks a lot easier!

Tip #3: Pretend you’re Being Towed when you Lift your Butt off the Couch!

Of course only a tip like this could come from a tow truck driver, especially one in Ontario of all places! Well, rest assured this tip for some people actually works. Now I know some of you will never need assistance lifting your posterior from the couch in the first place because you have all the motivation in the world. But for some beer drinking Canadians who would like nothing better than to just relax and watch a hockey game, sometimes getting up do to something is a pain in the arse! My friend found that, much like how a mother will pretend a spoonful of veggies is a train or an airplane to feed their grumpy children, if he pretends his upper body is a tow truck and his lower body is a crashed car needing roadside assistance he’ll make the same sounds that a tow truck makes and get his rump off the cushions! He mentioned he even does this in public places, despite the strange looks he gets. I know at least one or two of my other friends who also own towing companies in Canada could benefit from this advice, albeit they might be too embarrassed to try it!

So there we have it. My friend and I hope these 3 tips for gaining motivation when you need helps some people out there in the world wide web. Until next time, get good sleep and stay healthy!

5 Things to Do In Canada to Feel like a Canadian!

  1. Eat pancakes with real maple syrup. Make sure the pancakes are good quality, not just an American powder mix, and make sure the syrup is actually 100% real maple syrup, not American sugar sauce.
  2. Drink a Canadian beer by the lake and say “eh”. This is a rule that needs no explanation.
  3. Watch a hockey game in a pub with chicken wings and/or nachos.
  4. Pass someone in a grocery store and say sorry for no reason.
  5. When someone flips you the middle finger in traffic, wave and smile at them. Not only with this be a form of revenge because it will make them angrier, but you’ll be like a true Canadian!

I hope you found this list useful and entertaining! Have fun in our beautiful country.

Good Sleep will get you Further in Academia than Waking at 4 to Workout

I hear a lot of pressure for young people these days to wake up earlier. Young people need to consider the dangers of doing this, and they must ask the question “will it really benefit me?” I believe that a young person wanting to become the world’s greatest bodybuilder might benefit from sacrificing sleep for working out, but on the other hand a student wanting to sacrifice sleep for studying is only doing themselves a disservice. It’s much easier to learn and retain what you have learned if you are getting enough sleep.

In my own experience, waking up at 4 to grind and hustle on your business is a great way to stay ahead of the competition, but this changes dramatically when the game you’re playing is academia and mind-related. In order to write a good research paper or scientific study, one must be able to focus, retain knowledge and work long hours. Some people can do this while only sleeping for 5 hours but most people can’t.

So if you’re a student striving to become the next genius, I recommend that you don’t follow the hype of grind and hustle but simply get a good night’s rest and use your day efficiently. There’s no problem with getting up at 8 AM like a normal person. You can still work a 12 hour day and go to bed at a reasonable time. Don’t stress your body out, because your mind will suffer and a historian or anyone in academia needs their mind!

So there’s my anti fatigue tip for today. I hope it improves your learning experience. Thanks!

How a Tow Truck Driver in Winnipeg MB Fights Fatigue

The people of Manitoba are known across Canada for being somewhat tough and resistant to the petty fatigue that many wimps in other parts of Canada suffer from. Now I’m not one to call people a wimp easily, but I’m a wimp compared to this Winnipeg tow truck driver, and that’s why I want to share his story with you today.

Somewhat recently I talked about a cool way to wake up at 4 AM with serious motivation. Some of us need tricks like that, but not our tow truck driving friend from Winnipeg. Oh no. All he needs is to repeat a powerful memory and he get’s all the anti-fatigue in the universe. More on that later.

In case you’re wondering, our tow truck driver’s real name is Larry. We’ve been Skype pals for almost three years now and I always knew somehow that he would have his own special on my blog one day. He really deserves it and I think he’ll be glad that you all get to benefit from his story.

Larry does some incredible things on a daily basis that prove to show how much of a champion he is. Here’s just a small list to begin:

  1. He wakes up at 4 A.M. everyday, even on weekends and Holidays.
  2. He works for one of the fastest growing tow truck companies in all of Manitoba, let alone the City of Winnipeg.
  3. He drives as many as 1,000 KM on a daily basis.
  4. He collects cars and has a total of 11 including the one he just fixed together last week.
  5. He’s also a mechanic who does all his own tow truck maintenance.

Now already you can get the sense that Larry isn’t your average dude. The tow truck Winnipeg company he works for has recently shown immense growth and his co-workers may not be wrong when they credit the bulk of this success to Larry’s hard work. Well, it’s nice to laud someone who deserves it, but there’s a reason we’re sharing this story here. Now’s the time to learn what you’ve been waiting for… How does Larry do it?


Larry the Winnipeg Tow Truck Driver’s Secret to Anti Fatigue!

Like briefly mentioned above, Larry doesn’t need little tricks and tips for motivation that people like me do. He has his own method and it works quite well. Larry gets up at 4 A.M. because he likes to read for a good few hours before work. He’s also prone to go to bed as late as midnight most of the time, so you’d imagine that he gets pretty tired throughout the day. And guess what? It’s true! He does get very tired, but this has little effect on him because he has a special memory of his father who was also a tow truck driver in Winnipeg many years ago.

What is Larry’s special memory?

It’s rather quite sad, actually. Before Larry’s father died of cancer, Larry, being just a young man in his early twenties at the time, listened deeply to what his father had to say on his death bed. Larry’s father said, and I quote, the following:

“My boy, remember that tree I used to pray to. I never told you why I would always go to that same tree to pray, but there’s a good reason. Your grandfather is buried there, Larry, and your grandfather was a great man. He in a lot of ways was like a tree. He was sturdy and would always reach up to the sky, bursting with motivation. If he could see you now, he’d be very disappointed. He was a stern man and even I failed to make him happy. But he taught me a valuable lesson. It should never be easy to be satisfied, son. Imagine if all it took was to drive a tow truck in Winnipeg to make someone like your grandfather happy. If that was the case, nothing of any value would ever get done in this world. Now before I leave you, I want to tell you that I, too, am very disappointed in you, boy. You sit around with your friends all day and drink beer and chase women when you could be out there helping people on the roadside with the family’s old tow truck. Now I believe you have what it takes to make me proud son, but it’ll take hard work. If you want to make me proud you got to grind, hustle and work your butt off. But you don’t got to work for yourself. You got to work for the people who need your services. There’s nothing wrong about driving a tow truck for a living. It’s a service every one needs, and it might even save more lives than doctors. So just remember that when I’m gone I’ll be watching you, and I’ll sure be hoping that on every waking day you’ll be trying to make me proud.”

Indeed! Like I said, Larry’s memory is not particularly a happy one. But it works! Every day Larry remembers this conversation he had on the side of his father’s death bed and it reminds him why he’s here. He truly believes that working for a local tow truck company in Winnipeg MB is doing a great service for the people who share his community. Who would I be to say he’s wrong?

As far as anyone can say, Larry deserves every ounce of the success he has today and it’s all thanks to making his father proud.

So there we have it. For those of us who sometimes need that hint of motivation to keep our fatigue at bay for one hour longer, I hope this powerful story about a Winnipeg tow truck driver came in handy.

Until next time, stay in that positive mindset. You can do it!

A Trick to Wake Up at 4 A.M. with Serious Motivation

This trick is a little abstract and requires an open mind to implement. I’ve had great success with it since the beginning of 2019 and so I wanted to share it with my readers and friends.

Winston Churchill did everything he accomplished with only sleeping 6 hours a night, so don’t think just because you have to wake up early you also have to go to bed early. You can still go to bed at midnight and wake up at 4 A.M. if you can power through the first rough week until your body gets used to it. But if you do this I’d recommend having a 25 minute nap during the day.

Now what’s the rick, buddy?

Good question. Hardcore atheists may not like the sound of this trick, but that’s where their weakness lies. Keep an open mind as I describe to you the habits of medieval Christian monks in monasteries.

Monks had extreme discipline and self-control, and I like to study them when I try to gain these qualities in my own life. Every single night, monks in monasteries did and still do wake up in the middle of the night in order to chant and pray. In medieval Christianity, it was believed to be vital for all of Christendom for monks to do this, for the saints and gods would bless the people living near the monasteries for the monks’ services.

So in order to learn from this behavior and use it to our advantage, we should seek to imitate it. We often tell ourselves before bed with utmost seriousness that we WILL wake up early tomorrow, but by the time the morning rolls around, we, with our cheeks comfortably on the pillows, no longer have that sense of seriousness and it’s so easy to hit the snooze button.

So what we should do in the morning is immediately remind ourselves of how serious this is to us by thinking about medieval monks in monasteries. If you joined a monastery and refused to wake up in the middle of the night to join the prayers and chants, you wouldn’t be a monk for very long. Start the day at 4 A.M. by thinking about medieval monks as soon as your alarm clock goes off. A cool way to do this would be to make the sound of your alarm clock a medieval Christian chant. A poster of a cathedral or something by your bed could also work.

We all have many reasons why we would like to wake up earlier and sleep less. For me, it’s all about making my future better. If we can develop this habit early in life, we could very well save years of productive time for ourselves by the end. The average person sleeps 1/3 of their life away, but we don’t really need to.

To make this trick work even better, I also like to get on my knees, light a candle and pray like a medieval monk when my alarm clock goes off. And by praying I mean visualizing what my day will look like, and I also remind myself of the seriousness of my life goals. Like I said, this trick requires an open mind. BUT IT WORKS!!!!

Studying for Final Exams? Here’s the Best Thing that Can Help!

A lot of student’s believe hovering over your notes trying to memorize everything is what you should do before exams. But, is this really the best thing?

Knowing and memorizing mean very little! It’s the understanding and application of knowledge that really matters. Doing flash card tests and memorizing everything may still get you a decent grade, but a year later will you still remember everything? Verily, if you want to get an even better grade AND remember things for as long as you live, you need to find a way to apply this knowledge after understanding it!

For example, if you learn names and dates about WWII history, try writing a short story that incorporates all these. Or if you must remember a bunch of math equations, try making a puzzle out of them that you have to put back together. Also, if you’re going to drink on Friday night with your university buddies, why not make studying a drinking game? This means you’re not just remembering information; you’re acting on it, too!

Say you only have 1 day left before you have 2 exams in the morning. What’s another great thing you can do? The ultimate thing to do in this case is DON’T WORRY! Follow the advice of this song, and act like you know you’ll win!

Use self-fulfilling prophecies to your advantage and BELIEVE everything will be okay!

Assuming you paid attention in class, you have a right to feel confident. Go into that test believing you’ll ROCK IT! And the chances that you will rock it will be much, much higher than if you go in believing you’ll fail.

So I’d say good luck, but you don’t need it! Don’t forget to check back soon for more Anti Fatigue tips and advice.