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Retired Winnipeg Tree Service Arborist ShaRes Life Advice AfTer Trimming Thousands of Trees in Winnipeg Manitoba

When was the last time you got to sit back, kick your feet up and have a long conversation with an experienced old man who opened new perspectives about the world for you? Well, get ready to do that now as I share the results and story of an interview I had with one of Winnipeg’s oldest arborists and tree care experts. He would like to keep his name confidential but I can disclose that he has been retired for nearly 20 years already and he is very, very old and wizened. Let’s begin…

“Everyday under the sun we work away,” said my interviewee, “but the trick that separates the happy from the depressed is knowing what you’re working for.”

There were many inspiring quotes like this one that I wrote down. Since this blog is all about anti fatigue and local business in Winnipeg, one of the first questions I asked our guest is “why do you love working so hard in Winnipeg as a tree care expert. What did you work for all your life?”After I had asked this I immediately felt like the answer was already floating in the air and all he had to do was point at it, because I was in his backyard and all around us were hundreds of different Canadian and tropical, exotic trees. The foliage in the garden space here was amazing as we lounged in a pergola surrounded in all kinds of different plants and bushes, hedges and trimmed trees, and he said, “This.” Right away I knew he had been working for the beauty of nature and to him providing a tree service in Winnipeg was his passion and lifeblood because without his expert arborist skills it would be impossible to have such a beautiful landscape as his.

“Wow,” I said, “you really knew what you wanted out of life.”

He nodded, slowly drinking tea, and folded his legs, staring out at the perfectly pruned trees. “I knew I loved working with trees and providing tree care services for the lovely people of Winnipeg and seeing my rendered services putting smiles on people’s faces was all the payment I needed.”

For the next question I asked him how he had maintained such consistent energy throughout his life to work hard everyday. He began to talk about his father and how he had been a tow truck driver working in and around Winnipeg MB all his life. My interviewee had been inspired by his father’s dedication to helping the common man with his towing services, and all the people of Winnipeg at one point or another he presumes had gotten towing services from his father. Now that’s what our guest decided he wanted to do with his life, and his anti fatigue magic came from the simple thought of helping as many people as he possibly could in Winnipeg with his tree removal and stump grinding services.

tree trimming and pruning in Winnipeg MB

The interview lasted for nearly 2 hours, and I had many takeaway points. Before I provide a list of all the takeaway points I got from interviewing this tree service Winnipeg expert, I just want to mention that I was so very much inspired just by simply getting to sit down with this accomplished man and see the sparkle in his eye as he stared off into his own backyard. Watching him watch his own creations, all the work he had put into maintaining the health of his trees, made my skin tingle with motivation. Now my goal is to have that same life satisfaction and sense of accomplishment as he had.

Four Magical Takeaway Points from My Interview with Winnipeg’s Most Legendary Retired Tree Service Professional

  1. Find what you want out of life and work towards it as much as possible. This creates life satisfaction and helps to fight fatigue with inspiration that comes from within.
  2. Know when to enjoy your creations. When you work hard it’s inevitable that you will build things and get the fruits of your labor. Knowing when to kick your feet up and enjoy it is an art of balance that few have.
  3. Love for nature and taking care of trees creates an honest, open heart. Providing tree services in Winnipeg has created a kind of love for wildlife and Mother Nature that our interviewee will never forget. As the operator of Winnipeg’s anti fatigue blog I feel obliged to highly respect this and you should too.
  4. Never give up on your dreams, but know when the game is over. Our interviewee is too old to do a lot of the heavy lifting labor of tree service today but he has his private gardeners who he directs with the same passion he conducted in his prime. He never gave up, but now he gives his work up to able hands, and now he reaps the fruits of his life’s work.

Well, there we have it. This has been a powerful opportunity to share some amazing insights and I hope you learned something that will defeat some fatigue in your life. Bye for now!

Winnipeg Family Businesses Operate With Love and Soul

Welcome back to the anti fatigue blog where we draw inspiration from Winnipeg local businesses like tree service companies and towing companies. We can learn a lot on how to defeat fatigue from these wonderful entities and over the years we’ve learned a lot from them.

We plan to interview more businesses around Winnipeg MB this year and just recently we interviewed a tree service company for anti fatigue tips so stay tuned for that post which might come out today!

When it comes to supporting your own city there’s almost nothing better than supporting small, local family businesses. The only thing better is starting a business of your own that you can keep local and pass on to your children. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada has seen many such enterprises and all of them have great case studies and lessons to teach in the realm of working hard and staying motivated.

So stay tuned for some great posts in the future as we shift our gears to work with the tips and advice of Winnipeg’s fastest growing local tow truck and tree service companies. Let’s get it!

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