Good Sleep will get you Further in Academia than Waking at 4 to Workout

I hear a lot of pressure for young people these days to wake up earlier. Young people need to consider the dangers of doing this, and they must ask the question “will it really benefit me?” I believe that a young person wanting to become the world’s greatest bodybuilder might benefit from sacrificing sleep for working out, but on the other hand a student wanting to sacrifice sleep for studying is only doing themselves a disservice. It’s much easier to learn and retain what you have learned if you are getting enough sleep.

In my own experience, waking up at 4 to grind and hustle on your business is a great way to stay ahead of the competition, but this changes dramatically when the game you’re playing is academia and mind-related. In order to write a good research paper or scientific study, one must be able to focus, retain knowledge and work long hours. Some people can do this while only sleeping for 5 hours but most people can’t.

So if you’re a student striving to become the next genius, I recommend that you don’t follow the hype of grind and hustle but simply get a good night’s rest and use your day efficiently. There’s no problem with getting up at 8 AM like a normal person. You can still work a 12 hour day and go to bed at a reasonable time. Don’t stress your body out, because your mind will suffer and a historian or anyone in academia needs their mind!

So there’s my anti fatigue tip for today. I hope it improves your learning experience. Thanks!