What is our history?

Hello, my name is Lori Dixon. Before I tell you about my history, let me share my partner in crime’s because he is the one who will be writing most of the content in the future.

My partner’s nickname is Henry the Eighth, but you can call him Joe because it annoys him. Joe is a yoga teacher with a profuse history in various sports activities. He used to play a lot of football before he sprained his knee. But this injury is what got him into yoga, so we see the injury as a blessing in disguise.

Besides his activities, Joe has a great history in education. He majored in history, focusing on the history of sports. From ball games in the ancient Americas to horse racing in medieval France, he knows it all. In other words he’s a sports addict. He even watches NASCAR. Ew, I know, right.

You can expect a lot of great tips on how to eliminate fatigue in your life from him. My history is a little different, so my practices and techniques for fighting fatigue are also a lot different.

When I was younger I majored in religious studies. I’m highly spiritual, and use spirituality to fight fatigue, unlike my partner who uses more practical means like yoga and vitamins. I was raised Catholic but split off into Buddhism, Judaism, and eventually started listening to a lot of Bob Proctor. I’ve read the Celestine Prophecy five times and feel like picking it up again.

So already you can tell my partner and I have differing histories. But for you, the reader, that’s a good thing because together we cover a lot more topics. We sometimes combine our skills to give advice unique to what you’ll find elsewhere on the internet.

If you want to know about what we plan to do in the future, read about it here on our Future Page.