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Studying for Final Exams? Here’s the Best Thing that Can Help!

A lot of student’s believe hovering over your notes trying to memorize everything is what you should do before exams. But, is this really the best thing?

Knowing and memorizing mean very little! It’s the understanding and application of knowledge that really matters. Doing flash card tests and memorizing everything may still get you a decent grade, but a year later will you still remember everything? Verily, if you want to get an even better grade AND remember things for as long as you live, you need to find a way to apply this knowledge after understanding it!

For example, if you learn names and dates about WWII history, try writing a short story that incorporates all these. Or if you must remember a bunch of math equations, try making a puzzle out of them that you have to put back together. Also, if you’re going to drink on Friday night with your university buddies, why not make studying a drinking game? This means you’re not just remembering information; you’re acting on it, too!

Say you only have 1 day left before you have 2 exams in the morning. What’s another great thing you can do? The ultimate thing to do in this case is DON’T WORRY! Follow the advice of this song, and act like you know you’ll win!

Use self-fulfilling prophecies to your advantage and BELIEVE everything will be okay!

Assuming you paid attention in class, you have a right to feel confident. Go into that test believing you’ll ROCK IT! And the chances that you will rock it will be much, much higher than if you go in believing you’ll fail.

So I’d say good luck, but you don’t need it! Don’t forget to check back soon for more Anti Fatigue tips and advice.