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Welcome to Anti Fatigue Mats and More!


My name is Lori Dixon and my partner’s name is Henry, but I like to call him Joe. Together we plan to combine our knowledge and expertise to offer you tips and tricks on how to conquer fatigue in your life.

What can you expect in upcoming blog posts?

  1. Updates on the book I’m working on.
  2. Ways to be better at sports.
  3. Uses of spirituality to eliminate languor.
  4. Advice on how to live an active lifestyle.
  5. What it means to have lots of energy.
  6. Rare yoga practices.
  7. A lot, lot more!

What is our purpose?

We love seeing people smile full of energy. It’s no fun to be tired all the time. After years of study, Joe and I have found sincere ways in which to conquer tiredness and we wish to share them in order to see more active, smiling people in the world.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon! If you have questions, feel free to contact us.